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Technology Development

With over Intensive Experience developing commerce technology solutions, we know a thing or two about how to get things done right.

Oracle Web Commerce Suite

Leverage Our World Class Oracle Web Commerce Talent On Your Next Project.

Stemetric IT Solutions Commerce has over 11 years of experience designing and developing Oracle Web Commerce solutions, which includes Oracle ATG (Commerce Platform), Oracle Endeca (Search & Personalization), Oracle Web Center Sites (CMS) and Commerce Service Center (Customer Service). Our clients range from mid-sized organizations to large international companies, across a variety of industries and commerce models, including B2C, B2B, and B2B2C. We’re a credited Specialized Oracle ATG Web Commerce partner, as well as an Oracle Gold partner. All our staff are Oracle ATG Web Commerce certified and we do not use contractors. Additionally, for three years in a row, Stemetric IT Solutions Commerce has been chosen by the Oracle Corporation as the official authors and designers of the Oracle ATG Web Commerce training curriculum for all system integrators and partners globally.

Software Development

Flexible engagement models to custom fit your specific needs.

A major strength of our company is the flexibility in which we work with our clients. We provide a number of engagement models that can be adapted on a client or project basis to leverage our Offshore Development Center. In 2007, we established our Offshore Development Center (ODC) in Chengdu, China to provide comprehensive outsourcing capabilities for software development and maintenance. Our approach to success is “right-sizing” our delivery teams to effectively collaborate with our client’s engineering staff and resources and provide an effective information flow to our ODC to ensure project success. Our commitment to quality and overall project success drive both modes of engagement.

Software Development Models

Strategic Outsourcing – This is a strategic relationship with our clients to outsource all their software development and maintenance needs. This approach utilizes an onsite consulting team to work with our clients through the entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process. Our consultants perform all the necessary analysis, design, and coordinate with the ODC to ensure application delivery for all sofware applications.

Alternative Development Center (ADC) – ADC approach was established for our clients that prefer a larger role in the SDLC process. Our ODC will provide engineering services that will implement and maintain software components as directly defined by the client. The client onsite team may be augmented by experienced consultants to achieve desired team composition.

Development Outsourcing – Project-based outsourcing model.

Maintenance Outsourcing – Application-specific maintenance outsourcing model.

Integrations & Reporting

A proven onsite-offshore model for delivering high-quality BI solutions at lower costs.

On average, our clients can expect to save more than 30% of the total cost for BI. Our services range from data warehouse design, to data integration, to report development and advanced analytics.

    Our data integration and reporting services can address multiple areas within the enterprise
  • Building a Data Warehouse

  • Building an Operational Data Store

  • Application Integration – For internal or newly acquired systems

    Within these areas, the integration services can provide the following
  • Data consolidation – From existing operational systems.

  • Data cleansing – To improve data quality.

  • Transformation – From its source structure and values to derivatives that fit into the target model.

  • Data delivery – Basic movement of data from source to destinations throughout the enterprise (internal and external systems). Once data has been integrated, Report development services can provide the means to build reports to address enterprise needs.

    Typical subject areas include
  • Operational reporting

  • Analytical reports

    KPI / Dashboards

    With a dual-shore model, the data integration and reporting development services are tightly monitored and seamlessly integrated with work effort from our onsite team and the client. Planning, complex design, and business requirements are performed onsite with our client. This work provides key artifacts such as an enterprise data model, identification of data sources, and data mappings designs, providing a blueprint for the offshore team to complete the implementation.

Business Intelligence Technologies

Stemetric IT Solutions uses popular BI platforms such as MicroStrategy, Business Objects, and Cognos. For data integration services, Stemetric IT Solutions prefers Informatica and Pentaho. However, we can work with any BI tools you are currently using.

Service Oriented Architecture

Deep SOA experience and engineering capability to assist with your SOA needs.

Since 2004, we have enabled our clients to plan, implement, and deploy business critical commerce solutions that leverage SOA systems. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) can empower a company to quickly adapt to changing business needs and allow for optimal use of existing IT investment. Additionally, adapting to an SOA model allows enterprises to more easily integrate new services and upgrade existing services to address new business requirements.

    SOA Assessment & Planning
  • Service identification and layering

  • Business process integrity

  • Cost/Benefit Analysis

  • Planning and roadmap

  • SOA Platform Enablement
  • SOA Architecture

  • SOA Governance

  • Product selection

  • Environment buildout

  • Enterprise Service Bus

  • Infrastructure Hardening

  • Capacity Planning

  • Integration and Deployment
  • Software and Physical Architecture

  • SOA software development– Onsite/Offshore

  • SOA legacy system integration

  • System maintenance

System Optimization Services

Your customers don’t tolerate production outages and poor system performance.

We’ve developed our System Optimization Services practice based on our experience working with production outages, testing enterprise applications, and most importantly architecting high-performance applications. Our services can facilitate at all stages of your system life-cycle. We provide a complete, comprehensive approach to preventing production downtime and maximizing returns from technology system investments.

System Optimization Services

Performance Tuning - Provides direct return on investment by improving system resource utilization, hardening application configurations and exceeding service level agreements. Performance tuning benefits clients that are facing scalability issues, resource bottlenecks and unresponsive applications.

Outage Analysis - Traces underlying system problems, facilitates immediate stabilization and recommends long term solutions to achieve system stability. This process improves availability by eliminating intermittent system outages.

Capacity Planning - Ensures that the system is sized to meet future production load. This requires thorough analysis of current and projected transaction volumes in addition to in-depth cost benefit analysis.

System Assessment - Enables client to improve existing or proposed system architecture, evaluate application design and validate points of system integration. The resulting expert advice covers such diverse areas as product selection, introduction of new technologies and the audit of outsourced work.

Velocity deliveryTM Model

A quick, concise, and stable delivery model is the foundation for accelerated commerce growth.

At the core of Stemetric IT Solutions Velocity DeliveryTM model is our rapid application development (RAD) architecture built for ATG & Endeca and our COMMERCEAdvantage solution.


Reduced Risk - Pre-built features and services, based on industry “best practices” reduce implementation risk and help ensure business success.

Scalability - Code is thoroughly tested against performance benchmarks, to ensure scalability.

Reusable & Extensible - Service-oriented applications improve enterprise architecture.

Easy Data Integrations - Standardized models for data integrations with internal & external sources.

Easy Customization - Full documentations to ease support and enhancements activities.

Automation - Automated deployment, testing, and active code quality monitoring processes, to speed up deployment of new features.

Centralized Management - Single commerce platform to control multiple sites.

Quality Assurance

The true measure of Software Quality Assurance is customer satisfaction.

Stemetric IT Solutions leverages its QA Shared Services platform along with deep project experience to deliver on customer satisfaction. Our QA solutions are customized for your project to achieve quality while optimizing cost, resource, and asset requirements.

  • Are QA processes siloed and inconsistent across your organization?

  • Is the cost of infrastructure and licensing beyond the existing budget?

  • Are you scrambling to get enough QA resources?

  • Do you think it is near to impossible to do proper Quality Assurance?

Stemetric IT Solutions Quality Assurance Solutions can help tackle these challenges. Our model aims to overcome QA related challenges by introducing an overall QA methodology and a shared paradigm. By standardizing the QA process across execution teams and leveraging our QA services platform, much more can be achieved consistently, cheaper, and more efficiently.

Quality Control Services

Functional Testing Capability

Black Box Testing – Verify system function points from the point of view of a business user and functional definitions detailed in system use cases.

Regression Testing – Verify that the existing functionality continues to work after introduction of new features or defect resolutions.

Integration Testing – Verify the functionality of the system when new software modules or external systems are integrated into the software solution.

Acceptance Testing – Verify the system functionality executes business process and rules as described within specification documents. Business unit sponsor must define the tests that the system must meet in order for it to be considered complete.

    Non-Functional (Technical) Testing Capability
  • Performance Measure response times, transaction rates, and other time-sensitive requirements under expected production workload.

  • Stability Evaluate the system’s ability to continue to function properly under expected production workload for a long time period.

  • Capacity Planning/Deployment Sizing Evaluate the system’s ability to function on simulated production workload; and sizing the amount of system resources required to handle anticipated load.

  • Fault-tolerance Ensure that the system’s backup resources are automatically allocated without interruption in the event of hardware/software failure.

  • Security Validation of security mechanism and frameworks.

Technology Partners

We help you leverage the industry’s top commerce technologies to accelerate your growth and drive real business results.

Today’s commerce technology eco-systems are always driven by multiple technology platforms. Whether you’re looking to replatform on ATG & Endeca, add new capabilities, or integrate with existing software, we’ve established deep expertise across a wide range of technologies and platforms.